Wholesaling Strategies: How To Pull Buyers From REI Meetings?

REI Meeting Secrets

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People ask me all the time about the best ways to build a buyers list and one of the things I always suggest is attending REI meetings and networking with other investors in your market.

REI Meetings are awesome for 2 reasons:

1.  When you need investors to buy your contracts, what better place to go than where other investors are?

2.  I’ve never attended an REI meeting where I didn’t pick up at least one good tip or technique I can use in my own wholesaling business.

That being said, I’ve put together a new mp3 where I explain some of the tricks and tactics that both myself and my wholesaling graduates are currently using to generate business from REI Meetings.

If you find this mp3 helpful then you’ll really like my Do This Get Money training because that’s where this was taken from it’s one of about 70 different wholesaling lessons you’ll find inside


Nothing About Wholesaling Here… Just Good Advice

Since jumping into “Internet Marketing” 8 years ago I’ve probably spent close to $20,000 buying products from Frank Kern (he’s the long haired dude in the video) because the dude really knows his stuff when it comes to marketing.  He’s all about doing thing in a “Non-Dicky” way as he put’s it.

Anyway, regardless of whether your a wholesaler, an internet marketer or BOTH like me… this video is worth watching because it teaches folks like you and I “How to get out of our own way” and we all need that sometimes.


Real Estate Wholesaling Tips For 2012 and Beyond

People are always asking me how I continue to flourish even while things are supposedly “so bad”.  Here’s what I tell ‘em.

1.  Stop talking talking about  ”How bad things are”.  Just STOP, it makes no sense unless you can come up with some magic system that transforms complaints into cash.   Our money didn’t just vanish… it’s just changing hands and with a little hard work they could be your hands.


Try this experiment if you don’t believe me.

Step #1  Run to your kitchen.

Step #2  Grab a jar and put 10 dimes in it.

Step #3  Put the top on.

Step #4  Shake it.

Step #5  Now open the jar.

Step #6 Are the dimes still there?

Did you notice the dimes are still in the jar and all they did was move?  That’s what’s happening to our money right now.  It’s moving, so why not let some of it move into your pocket?

2. Adapt to the environment- Right now desperate sellers are a dime a dozen and that means once you know how to find buyers (trust me it’s easy) you can virtually write your own paycheck.

3. Money still loves action- Do me a favor….I promise it will just take a second. Go to your kitchen and grab a spoon.


Get your spoon

1. Take the spoon and set it in the middle of your dining room table…..

2. Now try to move the spoon by THINKING about moving it…

3. Give it 30 minutes…Think hard!

4. Now stand up and put the spoon back in the drawer.

You may have noticed….Unless your some sort of psychic freak….The spoon didn’t move when you tried to “THINK” it into moving.

I know for a fact you DIDN’T last 30 minutes trying to “THINK” the spoon into moving.

I bet you didn’t even try…..Why waste your time right?

So why in the heck are people trying to:

—”Think about wholesaling real estate

—”Think about getting a better job”

—”Think about being a better parent”

—”Think about being a better spouse”

—”Think about going to the gym”

You wouldn’t spend 10 seconds trying to “THINK” a spoon into moving….But you’ve wasted a lifetime “THINKING” about doing things that will change your life….

This was supposed to be a way longer list of tips… but quite honestly I’m already too annoyed to continue… PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE….STOP THINKING, START DOING……

The truth is wholesaling isn’t your only option, not by a long shot.

However, it’s the only option I know for getting fast cash when you’ve got none.  It’s was just the only way I could find to pull myself out of the poorhouse.

It’s not so important to me that you start wholesaling.  What is important to me, is to see you Get up off your “Thinking” and START DOING SOMETHIN…

Are you fat and unhealthy? Shut your mouth and go for a walk….It’s not rocket science.

Are you broke and ugly….Educate yourself and get some surgery…If you can’t afford to educate yourself then walk your ugly self to the library and read.

Are you unhappy at your job, so you’ve been a punk to your family…..Educate yourself…Get a job you like…..And pay attention to the only thing good in your life (YOUR FAMILY)

No…. none of these changes will happen overnight….But they sure as hell won’t happen by “THINKING” about doing them.

Sorry if this was harsh, rude, or made you sad…..It was written with the best intentions.


P.S I will continue this later…It was supposed to be much longer.

P.S.S  If you do plan to wholesale PLEASE go buy those over priced courses FIRST then when you get my stuff you can then fully appreciate how friggen awesome it is… think I’m kidding?  Try me.

Ask The Expert: How to Increase Your Investor to Buyers List Conversions

Student Question

Eric, I love your Do This Get Money System.  I have learned more about myself and wholesaling in the last 3 weeks than I could’ve figured out on my own in a lifetime.  Using your reverse prospecting tactics I’ve been able to track down somewhere around 40 different investors in my area to work with.  I’ve now made contact with about 1/3 of those investors, so far I’m only landing about 1 out of every 3 that I’ve been in contact with.  I’m wondering if you can make any recommendations as to what I could do differently to increase that number?  Is that number typical or below average for you students?  I would really appreciate any advice you could give me.

J. Potter


My Response

First off congats on taking such massive action.

It’s pretty amazing what happens when time tested tactics get into the hands of an investor, like yourself, who actually uses them.

As far as making any recommendations about what you should or shouldn’t tweak with your call script, that’s kind of a tough one as I have no way of knowing what you’ve been saying.

Have you been using the “Buyer Baffler” script that I provided inside the Do This Get Money system?  Have you just been winging it?

Here are some additional tips that my private clients have found extremely helpful:

—  Remember as a wholesaler your doing these investors a favor by giving them a chance to get their hands on the hottest deals in town.  I say this because you need to approach investors with the same mindset that you would if you were to approach a car collector with a way he could get a $200k Lamborghini for $100K.  One of the biggest mistakes I see wholesalers making is not approaching investors confidently.

–  If you’re not already using my “Buyer Baffler” script then please start using it.  I didn’t just make that thing to hear myself talk.

To answer your “Is landing 1/3 of investors a decent figure?”.  Yes it’s a great figure, especially considering that your just starting in this business.

With more experience and more deals under your belt you oughta be able to get that figure up to 1 out of every 2 investors that you talk to.

Keep in mind though, I made my first $100,000 with only 7 buyers, so by the sound of things once you’ve called on the rest of these investors you’ll have more than enough buyers to crank up the cashflow.

Why I’m PAYING You To Get This… and Then You’ll Thank Me For It

What kind of “guru” would be foolish enough to PAY you to buy his product… Then Promises You’ll Be Happy He Did..

  • Certainly not the everyday schmo whose trying to pass on their ‘Regurgitated Information” as some brand new “Investing insight”.
  • Definitely not one of those flash in the pan, INVENTED on the internet just yesterday guru’s who seem to pop up out of no where at least once a week.

WARNING:  At the risk of sounding kind of cocky I’m gonna tell you who what kind of guru would pay you to get his stuff … Because there’s only 1 kind I know of who would do something so ‘Foolish’

A NON-’guru’ who recognizes that in an industry plagued with lies, false promises and corruption there’s only one way to separate himself from the rest…

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Yep I’m Eric Medemar and that foolish ‘guru’ is me…  Just so we’re clear though, I’M NOT A GURU.

Please don’t let this secret go beyond this blog because there’s a over 1322 other people who’ve bought my stuff and they really think I’m a smart dude (guru)…

Somehow word spread pretty quickly that I’m the GO TO man in wholesaling…

I’m here to confess though… I’m actually just a “dude who happens to know a hell of a lot about real estate”…

That being said, my real ace in the hole is I’ve got an ADD Brain that NEVER STOPS.  NEVER.  and because of my ADD brain is constantly inventing baffling new ways to make wholesaling real estate nearly effortless… I think why people keep buying up my stuff in droves because there’s NOTHING else like it.

That’s also why I’m the only real estate guy I know whose bold enough to make a guarantee like the one you’ll see===> HERE.

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Your guess is as good as mine why I can’t find anyone else in the business willing to put there money where there mouth is… but one things for sure, my property panic line won’t be open forever and you’ll want to check that out too (if it’s still up on the page)… Nevermind if it’s not.

Hope to see you at www.DoThisGetMoney.com

Wholesaling Houses Q and A Thursday at 8 p.m

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If you’ve got questions… I’ve got answers.

It’s because I realize that many of you are just a question or two away from taking action that I’m going to post a video response to each and everyone of your wholesaling questions this Thursday at 8 p.m.

Even if you haven’t got any of my stuff yet I’m happy to help you as well…

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Here’s the Answers

I have to apologize I only made it through about 2/3 and I will get through the rest tomorrow or early Monday.

We had an emergency up at our lake house and I ended up having to do everything from the road.

Watch Video #1

Video #2

Feel free to leave any new questions and I will get to them in the next video. I appreciate your being here and do look forward to helping many you out.

Get Bold. Get Help. Get Money

Eric Medemar

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Wholesaling Properties: Changing Just One Word For Wholesaling Success!

"Let's Try An Experiment Shall We"

"Let's Try An Experiment Shall We"

Sometimes the smallest changes can make the largest changes in your life.  This is one of those small changes.  It’s an exercise that I do with the  wholesaling students that I mentor with.

I’ve had 2 students literally vaporize their analysis paralysis by changing just one simple word.  Hit the play button to here the 8 minute lesson.

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