Another Wholesaling Success Story

Every time I get a letter like this one, I’m reminded of why I’ve come to love this business of helping folks (from all walks of life) earn their own fortunes wholesaling houses

It’s stories like Loretta’s whisk me back in time (about a decade) to my early days…

Now what I’m about to tell you might sound kind of strange… especially coming from a guy whose spent the better part of a decade, teaching thousands of students (from as far away as Singapore) how to earn their own fortunes real estate wholesaling, but the real truth is, wholesaling wasn’t even my first choice of investing strategies.

Nope, as I quickly discovered, when you’re as flat broke as I was… and as scared $hitless of risk as I was… wholesaling was NOT my first choice. Nope, whether I liked it or not…

Real Estate Wholesaling Was My ONLY Choice

… and that’s precisely why even after earning my own fortune wholesaling, I decided to teach it as well.  There’s just no other investing tactic that levels the field like wholesaling does and the proofs in the pudding when you read letters like this one…

Wholesaling real esate Lorretta

When you’re ready to start seeing results like Loretta’s in your own life… or if you hunger for an accelerated (and headache free) path to wealth, I’d be happy to help you too.

In fact, at the time of this post, I’ve still got 2 spots remaining to take advantage of my Property Panic Line.  To learn more visit


Wholesaling Houses Expert Eric Medemar

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