Real Estate Investing 101: Bruce Lee Style

I thought I would share this excellent Bruce Lee Video with you.  Nothing to do with real estate investing…But none the less very inspiring.

I take the concept of not using any one specific fighting style as a good metaphor for not getting stuck on any one investing tactic…And, instead doing what works….

When I was putting together my Ultimate Wholesaling System I tried to include numerous exit strategies that can be done No money down rather than just assigning contracts as so many guru’s choose to do.

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Real Estate Investing Education: Deadly Effective Buyers List

Welcome to another round of real estate investing education.

Finding buyers is undoubtedly the most important aspect of real estate wholesaling.  Up until recently many investors have found it extremely frustrating and very expensive trying to put together a solid buyers list.

When I first started out in the real estate business I needed to find buyers and I needed to do it quick and for as close to free as possible.  That’s how I came up with the awesome strategy that I am going to share with you.

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Till next time,

Eric Medemar

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Negotiation Ninja Real Estate Black Belt Strategies

Hey guys…This is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that” tactics.

Having been involved in the sale of 100+ homes and $10,000,000 plus in real estate. I have developed a few easy to implement strategies that work amazingly well….this is one of them….Plus you get to see a couple great NINJA pictures.

To grab literally hundreds more strategies just like this grab my Wholesaling Properties System at

Vena Jones Real Estate Than Merrill real estate Preston Ely Real Estate Larry Goins Real Estate Steve Cook Real Estate

Real Estate Investing Guide: Thinking about Real Estate Investing Insanity

Real Estate Investing Guide: Real Estate Wholesaling

Real Estate Investing Guide

Isn’t it interesting that statistics show that 94% of you reading this will never get beyond the point of reading about real estate investing?

Do you just like reading about real estate investing? To give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe you got one of those emails that says “If you read these real estate articles Bill Gates is going to send you 1 Billion dollars as a test for Microsoft”.

One of the things that has been perplexing me lately is how many people “Think about real estate investing”. As if thinking about investing is ever going to allow for you to retire and enjoy your golden years the way God has planned for you. If I had a dime for every person over 50 who told me they “Have been ‘thinking’ about investing”, I would have already retired myself.

What is it about this whole “Thinking” concept? My best guess is that instead of thinking about how great life will be as a result of investing, people are thinking of all that could go wrong. The scariest and most overlooked thought, is that most of their imagined worst case scenarios, don’t hold a candle to the worst case scenario of not investing in the first place….

Right now in my home town of Grand Rapids, the opportunities for investment are limitless.  Right now much of the Grand Rapids Real estate is selling at a 20 year low….Yet virtually no one is taking advantage the insane prices that we are seeing.

For example, one of the 3 Grand Rapids Foreclosures that I sold this week breaks down like this

Real Estate Investing Course Reviews

In 2002 This home sold for $94,117

We paid $20,000

Take a look at this payment breakdown….

Estimated Rents on this 2 unit are $1100/month

Total Payment with NO MONEY DOWN is $126.41

$973.00 Gross Cashflow
$50.00 Insurance
- $125.00 Taxes

=$798.00 Cash per month

The scary thing is that deals like these are not at all uncommon.  At last count there were 58 two units in our market priced under $20k….

If you’re interested in retiring in style using Grand Rapids Real Estate ….And your not “Thinking about investing” Please feel free to call me direct at 616-635-0699 or email me at

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The Guru Grinder Rip Off Redemption Guarantee

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