Eric Medemar Wholesaling Houses, Cute Goats and Fishing Boats

Don’t get me wrong, I chose wholesaling because I desperately needed to  generate fast cash. I take that back I didn’t choose wholesaling, wholesaling was my only option. However, as time has passed I’ve come to realize that there’s more to wholesaling than making a fast buck or two.

Some would say I’m only rationalizing to make myself feel better about making such easy money. However I’d politely like to disagree, because as I look back over the past 6 years I’ve helped a hell of a lot of people…

I’ve had sellers break down crying after finally getting their home sold… I even had one offer to lend me their aluminum fishing boat for the summer. Dont’ ask what happened with that.

Unfortunately much of the joy I’ve shared with my buyers (investors) has been over drinks at the local watering hole and for some strange reason I can’t seem to recall much beyond “Bartender get this guy another shot”…

Sure I’m thankful those pictures with “Sally the worlds hottest goat” and I never made it online. It likely would have spelled the end of me ;-) but I’m equally as thankful for having cranked up my KARMIC CASH.

I guess what I’m saying here is, if money isn’t enough to get you off your a$$ then perhaps you’ll do it for Karmic Cash…

If there’s one thing I really look forward to seeing you realize it’s how after the first $100,000 or so, money just becomes a scorecard that let’s you know how many people you’ve helped.

Till next time

Eric Medemar

Landlord Lessons: Besides The Money… THIS Is Why I Wholesale.

I thought I might share some lessons and observations that I have made while being a landlord…

I swear on at least 2 of my Tenants graves… EVERYONE of these things really did happen…  and by the way, shame on you for thinking the only reason I stuck with wholesaling was I wanted easy money…This is the real reason ;-)

1. If someone gets shot in your house, regular carpet cleaner (Resolve) does not work to remove the nasty stuff that comes out when you get shot.  And, even crackheads will puke when they smell it.

2. Normal people do not want to live in a house where the neighbors have spray painted R.I.P James Smith on the side walk.  One of my houses did.

3. If a tenant calls and begins the conversation with “I have always liked you”, or ” I hope your having a blessed day” it really means “I do not intend on paying rent this month”

4. When a prospective tenant says “I live with my grandmother, or any other relative” they are actually saying “There is not a chance in Hell I’ve ever had a landlord that would recommend you let me move in”

5. If a tenant offers to paint a rental unit for their security deposit, and they say they are good painters. It really means that they are experts at painting tile, wood floors, and windows, but your walls may not turn out very good.  Do they make a 2000 sqft tarp?

6. When a tenant says that they “Don’t do drugs” they really mean “I don’t do certain drugs”. I ask “Do you do drugs?” they say to me “No I hate drugs”, they actually mean, “I hate crack, but weed and vicodin are staples in my life”

7. If your ceiling is torn down in one of your rental properties and the tenant tries to convince you that “It just Fell”, what they really mean is “There was a drug bust here, and we were growing weed in the cieling”… “there’s no way that’s coming out of my deposit” they say

8. Somehow the postal system is being very discriminate, only my tenants.  This is an actual quote “Eric, I know this is the third month in a row that my social security check has not shown up on time, but the postmaster said “He fixed it”.

9. Do not call a heating and cooling guy when a tenant calls and says “My furnace isnt working” because what they really mean is “I have the heat set at 90 and its 95 in here, so my furnace isnt coming on”.

10. This is just a suspicion, but I think tenants are in cahoots with the gas companies, because I have walked into units where the landlord is paying the heat and I swear you could cook an egg on top of their big screen TV, and they have all the windows open in the middle of winter. When asked why the windows were open, and the furnace was on and they replied “The heats Free”.   Almost as if the gas company gives them a dollar for every dollar they waste on gas.

11. A house, is just not a house, until it has what I call the “Ghetto stamp of approval”, this is when I install new carpet and within 30 minutes of moving in, the tenant has burned the outline of the iron into the carpet in at least 6 spots. What are they doing ironing anyway?   Unless they need to wear a suit and tie to the Department of human services.  It sounds cruel but out of 30 units not even ONE had a regular job.

12. I have found this very interesting, I live in a nice neighborhood with very nice homes, and many of my neighbors work 60+ hrs a week, and they have yards that look like the ninth whole at a golf course, and they maintain it themselves.  Many of my tenants on the other hand, work 2 hours a week depending on the length of unemployment line,  so one might deduce that their yard would be drop dead gorgeous, because they have so much time to work in it.   This is not the case however, I can see missing a Twinky wrapper when you get out of your car, but how in the heck do you accidentally leave a couch in the front yard.

13. It is possible to mow a lawn, with a push mower in one had and a 40 oz of Colt 45 in the other. I was extremely pleased to discover this because I have been mowing my lawn for years and was always stuck wearing a beer helmet.

These are the reasons I teach Real Estate Wholesaling… and NOT land lording.

Maybe it’s just me, but  it seems like quick cash, with zero risk and no hassles.

Has so much more appeal than LOSING cash, SPENDING Cash, LOSING your a$$,  all for Endless hassle…

But like I said, maybe the easy routes just what I prefer.

Why I’m PAYING You To Get This… and Then You’ll Thank Me For It

What kind of “guru” would be foolish enough to PAY you to buy his product… Then Promises You’ll Be Happy He Did..

  • Certainly not the everyday schmo whose trying to pass on their ‘Regurgitated Information” as some brand new “Investing insight”.
  • Definitely not one of those flash in the pan, INVENTED on the internet just yesterday guru’s who seem to pop up out of no where at least once a week.

WARNING:  At the risk of sounding kind of cocky I’m gonna tell you who what kind of guru would pay you to get his stuff … Because there’s only 1 kind I know of who would do something so ‘Foolish’

A NON-’guru’ who recognizes that in an industry plagued with lies, false promises and corruption there’s only one way to separate himself from the rest…

by flat out paying you to get his product and  point him towards ANY investing system, at ANY price (yeah even those $20,000 super systems) , ANYWHERE on U.S. SOIL that even comes close to providing the level of “learn it today use it tomorrow strategies” that his course brings.

Yep I’m Eric Medemar and that foolish ‘guru’ is me…  Just so we’re clear though, I’M NOT A GURU.

Please don’t let this secret go beyond this blog because there’s a over 1322 other people who’ve bought my stuff and they really think I’m a smart dude (guru)…

Somehow word spread pretty quickly that I’m the GO TO man in wholesaling…

I’m here to confess though… I’m actually just a “dude who happens to know a hell of a lot about real estate”…

That being said, my real ace in the hole is I’ve got an ADD Brain that NEVER STOPS.  NEVER.  and because of my ADD brain is constantly inventing baffling new ways to make wholesaling real estate nearly effortless… I think why people keep buying up my stuff in droves because there’s NOTHING else like it.

That’s also why I’m the only real estate guy I know whose bold enough to make a guarantee like the one you’ll see===> HERE.

Do me a favor, more importantly do yourself a favor stop in at and have a look at what my students have to say…  then take a good look at my guarantee and if you don’t decide to put me in your corner you may want to take a picture of it or write it down because there’s not a dude brave enough online to make such a startling promise… NO WHERE.

Your guess is as good as mine why I can’t find anyone else in the business willing to put there money where there mouth is… but one things for sure, my property panic line won’t be open forever and you’ll want to check that out too (if it’s still up on the page)… Nevermind if it’s not.

Hope to see you at

Wholesaling Houses Q and A Thursday at 8 p.m

If you haven’t claimed your FREE Copy of my Little Black Book Of Real Estate Secrets you’d better do it before it’s no longer free.


If you’ve got questions… I’ve got answers.

It’s because I realize that many of you are just a question or two away from taking action that I’m going to post a video response to each and everyone of your wholesaling questions this Thursday at 8 p.m.

Even if you haven’t got any of my stuff yet I’m happy to help you as well…

Simply leave your question in the comment box below BEFORE THURSDAY 12 NOON EST and I will include it in my video response.

Here’s the Answers

I have to apologize I only made it through about 2/3 and I will get through the rest tomorrow or early Monday.

We had an emergency up at our lake house and I ended up having to do everything from the road.

Watch Video #1

Video #2

Feel free to leave any new questions and I will get to them in the next video. I appreciate your being here and do look forward to helping many you out.

Get Bold. Get Help. Get Money

Eric Medemar

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Is Preston Ely A Scam? Plus, a Brand New Kick A$$ BONUS Video

Is Preston Ely Scam?   Here’s what you need to know…  At just $47 it’s pretty hard to go wrong considering how much money you’ll make once you start wholesaling properties.

I don’t say that to go all “Guru hype” on you either. See, I’ve spent the better part of the last decade buying, selling and wholesaling nearly $15,000,000 worth of property myself and during that time I’ve learned wholesaling is one of only a few ways that it’s really possible for ordinary people to get extra-ordinary income without cash, credit or risk.

And that’s precisely why until this coming Wednesday at 12 pm EST, I’ve decided to giveaway the farm to anyone whose quick enough to buy Preston’s Course from the special link I’ve got set up below.

Of course, I’m not just “Giving away the farm” because I”m like Mother Theresa or anything like that.  Don’t get the wrong idea.  I’ve got my own interests best interests in mind too!   Hey at least I’m upfront and honest.

See, I’ve worked out a pretty cool deal with Preston so that until this coming Wednesday at 12 PM EST, Preston will “Share the love (profit)”  with me from any sales that are generated from customers who use the link you see below.

In other words, you’ll still be getting all the same stuff, from the same person, from the same website that everyone else buys from….

EXCEPT:  You’ll also get all the stuff you see listed below…

Preston Ely Scam Or Score Bonus Link

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Wholesaling Properties Reader Comment Turned Blog Post

This is a recent comment I got on one of my other blogs

Here’s a link to it if you don’t want to read it here

There’s a problem with the buyer multiplier method:

It should be called the BUYER EXPLOSION method!

It’s hard to know where to turn when each round of doing it produces several investors who buy and sell many houses to many people, some of who also buy and sell many houses… So it’s looking like what you get is more like an explosion… 5 who each add 5 who each add more…etc…

I’m worn out already.

I started out using a list of absentee owners I already had, instead of the HUD buyers I was getting from using Eric’s HUD Hound method. Because, I mean: why follow Eric’s instructions when we already have our own ideas which so far haven’t worked?

It took me FOREVER, in a horrible tedious process online with the recorder’s office. Each absentee owner I had had only one or possibly two sales or purchases. However, I noticed that there was ONE guy a lot of them had bought from or sold to.

I took that ONE guy and looked HIM up at the recorder’s. BOOM! He did TONS of deals. Sounds like what Eric had described. So I thought: gee, maybe I should try actually following Eric’s instructions. So I tediously went through the humongous list of his recordings. BOOM!

I got several guys who ALSO did a lot of deals. I took just ONE of them and looked up his recordings. BOOM! Several MORE guys who do a ton of deals! WOW.

This is without having looked up the rest of the first SEVERAL guys who did multiple deals with the first guy.

Then I called the recorder’s office because I couldn’t believe they were all people with ownership interest in those properties. I thought: they must be clerks or officials who record things, or something else.

The recorder’s office told me that in the records I was researching, ANYONE whose name was in the TO or FROM field had actual owner interest and a name that had been or was on the deed in an ownership position.

So far, without even trying, I apparently have as many as 15 people who buy/sell large numbers of properties…EVEN in the past year. And that’s only looking at TWO big buyer/seller guys.

I still have to go through the rest of the guys who bought/sold lots from my first guy!

And that’s without going through the guys who bought a lot from my second guy…to see who THEY bought/sold to! Looks like I am going to have one HUGE buyer’s list.

But it’s really a lot of hard work… maybe I should start with these 15 or so buyers and see if I can get any of them to let me send them deals…. I’m gonna have to listen again to what Eric says on this…

I can only say: I could have thought of this. I should have thought of this. Why didn’t I think of this?

Hmmmmmm….. maybe it’s connected to why I am poor and Eric is rich….hmmmm…. perhaps I ought to follow more of his instructions…. Ya think?

This is scary; you get way way more buyers than I ever thought possible: It is literally EXPLODING! And these are people who actually ARE BUYING! Not just saying they buy houses!

My experience in the past has been to follow instructions only to get basically no results. I have felt like a prarie dog sticking it’s head up only to discover just silence, desolation and the wind, like the aftermath of a nuclear explosion…instead of the hoped-for results.

And that is what I at first thought was happening…. then BOOM!

And that’s why it should be called THE BUYER EXPLOSION METHOD!

Thanks Eric! You sure know your stuff. Now if Chicken Little here can turn this into dollars…

By the way… you keep right on painting your wife orange…. that’s what makes life worth living! Enjoy!

Preston ely scam, preston ely reviews

Get My Personal Buyers Script Here

In the first lesson I shared my HUD Hound Method.  A method that cut’s to the chase, eliminating the disconnect between your actions and your results.   The importance of my HUD Hound method is 2 fold.

#1 No more throwing money out the window on wasted advertising, no more nightmarish door knocking, and no more lost dreams on your road to financial freedom

#2 By eliminating the disconnect between actions taken and results obtained, I’ve spared you a tremendous amount of frustration that often accompanies getting started as a real estate investor.

If you’ve ever tried investing in the past only to give up because of analysis paralysis then you’ll understand precisely what I mean.

In this report I’m going to tell you absolutely everything you’ll need to say to your new list of buyers that you’ve garnered using my HUD hound method.

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You’re in for a real treat with this.  This is the EXACT same buyers script that I’ve used in buying and selling over $15,000,000 in real estate.  I’ve tested, tested then tested again to come up with this kick a$$ script I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s what’s interesting.  I don’t care whether you’ve wasted $5,000 on another wholesaling system… It won’t include the hardcore detailed advice that you’re getting from me for FREE!

1 Angry 'Guru'

So this dude emails this to me today!


Hey! ! !!!!!!!   ! ! !   Don’t send me any more CRAP like this.

I’m a business person and I DON’T APPRECIATE this “CHEAP” CRAP.

Now…….If you’ve got some “IMPORTANT” business “INFORMATION” to give to us…………..then…………great….but NOT this CRAP.


Relax Mr. Business Man ;-(

Would it tickle you fancy if I just kept sending you sales messages like every other d-bag guru with an agenda.

If you don’t like my emails then don’t open them. But there’s loads of other people who want more than just the typical…

“Please buy my $hit, it’s the best crap you’ll ever buy”

When people join my email list I treat them like family.  Like their part of my inner circle.  Even if they don’t buy my stuff… I’m here to help people who want to “Get Money” -”Get Money”

Sure it would be far more profitable if I had been cramming sales messages down your throat last night like every other guru… But it’s not my style.

If you don’t want to be part of our team… then don’t let the door hit you in the a$$.

I don’t say this to be mean, critical, or angry. I say this because if you don’t like my stuff… then go away!

Seriously I didn’t ask you to be here…

You’re here because evidently like over 14,000 other people you have seen that even my FREE Advice is better than advice you’ll get on some flimsy guru home study system.

Am I off the wall… YES

Am I a loose cannon… YES

Could I make far more money If I wanted to kiss a$$… YES

If you get one thing from this letter here’s what I would like it to be this

I’m in this business for 1 reason and 1 reason only… because this business needs someone who focuses more on wholesaling and less on the hype…

Case in point… Here’s 3 emails I received JUST SINCE YESTERDAY


Please complete the charge for this program…I want to get my game up now…!!

I would like to get the Modules now rather than wait 45 more days or whatever on the 90 day plan.  This is really great stuff. I have bought and sold over 100 properties and I feel like my knowledge was at the kindergarten level after studying your course and I am only at Module #3. By the way, after 7+ years of wholesaling, I just got my real estate license and am anxious to use this info on that side as well.

David S
Hey Eric,

I just wanted to say thanks for our conversation we had this week.

I just posted something about this on your blog, but I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you taking time to give me a call back.

Most other “gurus” probably wouldn’t have taken that call. You go above and beyond and you have some great stuff.

I have been working on your “Do This Get Money” and now I am more pumped to get through it.

The material is great and just being part of your circle has already saved me money from a deal that could have blown up in my face. Thanks for your advice, it ultimately made me walk away from a deal that I probably should not have been making this early in my career anyway. So thanks.

I guess all real estate agents aren’t quacks.

Anyway, keep up the good work, your material rocks, thanks for your awesome response time and I am sure I will be, hopefully, talking to you again soon.
Hi Eric,
I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank you for your continoues gift giving, you are indeed blessed.

Please enlighten me with regards to which of your products best suits my needs.

Due to cash constraints I have not been able to purchase any of your products but I have received your gifts and am putting them to practice “WOW”. I am not able to spare $297 right now, but am able to joyfully part with $100 and so my dailema is do I get the first product ($97) or should I wait to get the second product.

What I really am looking to perfect are your techniques for finding buyers, ie reverse mls, hud hound-lov this one, buyer multiplier & realtor reach around. which package contains all. Does this request sound greedy?  well your fault you serve them to hot, Goooooooood.

Thank you sir.

PS, You are the first in this industry to to bless your prospective clients, thx for that.

In return, I give you favor, victory and the peace that passeth all understanding.

Your best is yet to come, you are indeed a blessing. God Bless.


I get tears in my eyes just reading that stuff… So dude between you and I.  I went ahead and unsubscribed you so we won’t have this problem again.

With the utmost respect,

Eric Medemar

While Most Guru's Do Webinars… I'm Painting My Wife Orange… The Agony of Being a Man.

While every other guru in America is putting on some fancy webinar for Karen and DC’s launch (Though I do like the product… I’m so sick of seeing it I could vomit)

It’s a really good thing I still make my fortune in real estate because while their doing webinars…

I’ve been stuck in my kitchen.  With some buck naked woman (my wife)… Painting her orange with a “1″ sponge brush for her first body building show.

Things got even more interesting about 1/2 way through when our 4 year old came strolling down the stairs asking questions… I wish I had a camera to capture the look of astonishment on his face.

Whoopsi Didn’t Think You’d Notice.

Lastly, I did kind of a dummy move that a few of you noticed… I pulled down the Property panic line without warning any of you that I would be doing so.  Seriously I didn’t think anyone would notice plus, I didn’t want to raise of fuss about pulling it down and having it come off as some fancy ‘guru’ scarcity tactic.

That being said.  It’s NOT on the page anymore.  However if you email me at and let me know still sometime tomorrow I’ll let you in.

If you’re wondering what my property panic line is… It’s basically a nearly mistake proof insurance policy where I’ll send you a special number where you can get access to me within minutes if you start “Freaking out or panicking” while doing  a deal.  Because I can tell you this…  if your new to the business and haven’t done at least 50 deals.  It’s not a matter of WILL YOU FREAK OUT… It’s a matter of when.

Anyway, just be sure to send me an email if it’s something that you did want to be part of and missed.


Here’s How To Make $50,000 Wholesaling This Year

If you’ve ever wanted to know if there was an easy way to make an extra $50,000 this year… Then you’ll want to check out this video.  I am going to show you how you can use real estate wholesaling to do just that.

Simply follow this step by step video and you’ll be up and running with your own wholesaling business in NO TIME FLAT.