He’s Drunk… And He’s Ready To Teach You Wholesaling

“The Lost Memoirs Of A Drunken Wholesaling Bandit”


Here’s the story behind the video: About 5 years ago I was a total newbie to this whole “Guru” thing.

Luckily I had one VERY major thing going for me and that was that I knew how to close deals (using no money) better than anyone I’d ever heard, seen, or listened to.

This is where it gets kinda weird.  My mind flat out REFUSED to let my mouth to speak the the lessons that I needed to share.

Somehow, just the mere presence of that little annoying microphone would send my brain into LOCKDOWN.  In fact every time I hit the record button to start teaching my “Wholesaling lessons” I would freeze up…

Stop DEAD.

My Mom told me it was stage fright.  Trouble is I wasn’t on the stage, I was holed up in the basement at my house.

So I did what any GOD FEARING guru would do.


I’d read somewhere that getting drunk might somehow lesson my bad case of stage fright.  So I sat down with a 5th of Vanilla Stoli and a 2 liter of Diet coke.

I guess I got carried away.  Because my wife came home to find me passed out cold with the recorder in hand.

The next day I hit the play button and…

Well, let’s just say I never released them for VERY GOOD reason.

Until now.

So if you’re NOT offended by 4 letters words…  and you won’t be offended by a drunken fool teaching you to wholesale… then grab a beer (or a soda) of you own, and enjoy the lunacy that entails.

Wholesaling Real Estate… Bin Laden Wants to Help!

real estate wholesaling with OsamaEric Medemar here,

A few weeks ago I decided to celebrate the finale of the Hunt for Bin Laden in my own special way… by playing hooky from real estate wholesaling stuff so I can just hang out with my grumpy, hungry and often angry pregnant wife and my “Growing up way to fast” 5 year old.

Just for the record, hooky is drastically more fun as a grown-up than it was in elementary school. To some of you this may sound strange… and hell, I am pretty strange. But, over the past 8 years or so, I’ve discovered it’s things like playing hooky on a moments notice… without having to call in sick… that have proven far more rewarding than all the fun toys, vacations, and money real estate has brought me.

Even though I could go on and on about all the fun I’ve had playing hooky, that’s really not what I’m here to talk to you about (Real Quick Hooky Tip: if you’re a dad or angry woman and you’ve got boy’s or even girls who like to fight… YOU MUST… run to Walmart and buy the Nerf Battle Axe and Samurai sword… you might also wanna buy a jock strap too)

Onward, Eric!

By a show of hands, how many of you reading this right now are 100% confident that terrorism will now come to a screeching halt now that we’ve sent Bin Laden to swim with the fishes?

It’s really not much to ask, is it?

After all we’ve spent the better part of the last decade chasing this dude around the desert, there had to be a point right?

So what’s this got to do with wholesaling? What’s this got to do with you? Would you believe me if I told you it’s got EVERYTHING to do with wholesaling and everything to do with YOU?

Here’s how: I don’t know about you, but looking back, I’ve had plenty of Bin Laden’s in my life. No Bin Laden’s not a distant relative or anything (though I was a bit suspicious of Uncle Joe), by “Bin Laden’s” I mean to say, imaginary ties between people, events or circumstances and my desired outcomes.

For example…

(Desired Outcome) The U.S want’s to end terrorism ? (foolsih action) We hunt the supposed king of terrorism in the desert for 10 years ? (likely outcome) A new probably crazier Bin Laden steps into power and keeps “Terroring” (My own word).

(Desired Outcome) Make a ton of money in real estate ? (typical action) wait till the market straightens because then it will be SAFE and EASY to get rich ? (likely outcome) Years will pass, the market will get better and you’ll find a new Bin Laden to chase around rather than just closing some damn deals.

Can you spot the distinction? Hunting Bin Laden and ending terrorism are not mutually exclusive events… just as waiting for the “perfect real estate market” and you getting rich are not mutually exclusive events. One CAN happen without the other. Or as the always clever Dr. Phil might say “Son, you’re barking up the wrong tree”.

I’m not saying, “If you wanna get rich, you gotta start investing today”… What I am saying is “If you wanna get rich you gotta get real” (wow, that also sounded remarkably like a Dr. Philism)

You’ll never discover the right solutions by chasing the wrong problems”, that’s exactly what I tell my private clients. Except they happily fork over $10k/yr to hear me say it… and now your getting it free.

In other words, if you’re not making a fortune in real estate right now, it’s not the “Markets fault”, it’s your fault for not learning the skills required to close deals in this market. It’s just that simple.

Crazy isn’t it? How simple things get once you get honest with yourself.

And now I’m honestly sick of typing and ready to resume playing hooky.

Eric Medemar

CEO The Unemployed Investor Inc.



P.S. Seriously this whole honesty thing will work miracles in every area of your life… So get over yourself, get honest, get happy, get healthy then get wealthy… and do it all wholesaling real estate if you want


Ask The Expert: How to Increase Your Investor to Buyers List Conversions

Student Question

Eric, I love your Do This Get Money System.  I have learned more about myself and wholesaling in the last 3 weeks than I could’ve figured out on my own in a lifetime.  Using your reverse prospecting tactics I’ve been able to track down somewhere around 40 different investors in my area to work with.  I’ve now made contact with about 1/3 of those investors, so far I’m only landing about 1 out of every 3 that I’ve been in contact with.  I’m wondering if you can make any recommendations as to what I could do differently to increase that number?  Is that number typical or below average for you students?  I would really appreciate any advice you could give me.

J. Potter


My Response

First off congats on taking such massive action.

It’s pretty amazing what happens when time tested tactics get into the hands of an investor, like yourself, who actually uses them.

As far as making any recommendations about what you should or shouldn’t tweak with your call script, that’s kind of a tough one as I have no way of knowing what you’ve been saying.

Have you been using the “Buyer Baffler” script that I provided inside the Do This Get Money system?  Have you just been winging it?

Here are some additional tips that my private clients have found extremely helpful:

—  Remember as a wholesaler your doing these investors a favor by giving them a chance to get their hands on the hottest deals in town.  I say this because you need to approach investors with the same mindset that you would if you were to approach a car collector with a way he could get a $200k Lamborghini for $100K.  One of the biggest mistakes I see wholesalers making is not approaching investors confidently.

–  If you’re not already using my “Buyer Baffler” script then please start using it.  I didn’t just make that thing to hear myself talk.

To answer your “Is landing 1/3 of investors a decent figure?”.  Yes it’s a great figure, especially considering that your just starting in this business.

With more experience and more deals under your belt you oughta be able to get that figure up to 1 out of every 2 investors that you talk to.

Keep in mind though, I made my first $100,000 with only 7 buyers, so by the sound of things once you’ve called on the rest of these investors you’ll have more than enough buyers to crank up the cashflow.

FREE Wholesaling Guide: Rags To Riches Real Estate Wholesaling

Get Your FREE Rags To Riches Wholesaling Guide TODAY!

Get Your FREE Rags To Riches Wholesaling Guide TODAY

I’ll tell you what…

If the fire marshal somehow stumbled into last weeks conference call with Matt Shriver he would have surely forced us to clear the building… because not only was that call the kind of HOT high dollar wholesaling tips and tactics you’ve now become so used to getting… but, the lines were filled way beyond recommended capacity (nearly 600 people)

Anyway, if you’ll remember Matt and I had the crazy idea of giving away our new Rags to Riches Wholesaling Guide to everyone who attended.  Well after the call, Matt and I decided between both of our CRAZY schedules  it could be a while (too long a while) to finish this killer little profit guide

…and quite frankly, with so many people desperately searching for a way to generate quick cash, the kind of quick cash that only wholesaling provides.. we knew we couldn’t leave you in limbo while we wait for our schedules to clear.

So all you have to do to get yours now is Click Here

No need to opt in or anything as I just uploaded it this morning just for you.

Wholesaling Websites As Easy as 1-2-3

So Check This Out…

wholesaling houses expert eric medemar

Eric here,

The guy selling this tool has made $1,000,000 plus doing other stuff online, but I’ve been using this tool for building wordpress websites.  What’s funny is it really is 1-2-3 easy as stupid as it sounds.

Here’s what it does:

1. Click #1 will do all of your keyword research and point out the long hanging fruit on Google.

2. Click #2 Scrapes the internet for keyword rich content to post on your blog.

3. Click #3 Spins the content to avoid plagerism and a duplicate content penalty.

4. Click #4 Builds you a wordpress blog then automatically posts all of your new content.

Here’s how I’ve been using it: Basically you can either use your wordpress site as your primatry website… or what I’ve been doing is creating multiple wordpress sites then pointing the links back to my primary website and it’s given me a HUGE boost in Google.

Here’s how you can do it too:

1. You can get the software I’m using from this website:  www.TheMillionaireUniversity.com/push_button.htm. Even though this guy has used the software to make millions online, I’m only going to show you how to make instant websites “That Google Love’s Long Time” with it.

2. Download it.

3. Install it

4. Go to Google and enter in (your city) real estate and copy down the URL (domain name)

5. Paste it into the software so it can find you all the keywords your buyers are looking for.

6. Next the software will scour the internet for articles you can use on your site (Google loves content)

7. Then the software “Unplagerizes” the articles by spinning them.  Plus this keeps Google from penalizing your site.

8. Next the software will build you a blog with all of you new content on it.

9. Next the software will bookmark your new site to let Google know about it.

Pretty amazing huh… and this isn’t even what it was designed to do… but it does a d#mn good job doing it.

Enjoy and Have Fun,

wholesaling real estate signature

“Snowmeggedan”, Snickers, and Such

real_estate_wholesalingIt’s 12:30 A.M Wednesday morning, I just risked life and limb to get my pregnant wife a flipping Snickers bar in the middle of what many forecasters are now “Snowmeggedan”.

Before leaving the house I thought “Snowmeggedan” was just a another hyped up media ploy, like this “Are money’s gonna run out thing” they’ve been crying wolf about for the last 6 years now.

Turn out, the “Snowmeggedan” thing is the REAL DEAL.  Unlike “the sky if falling thing” they foolishly prod us with daily… Though I secretly do wish the IRS would start believing them and so they’d give me rest!

Even her beastly Toyota Mini-van was nearly overtaken by Snowmeggdan…

Why Am I Wrting This?

Well tommorow’s my kids first snowday EVER (he’s just 4) It got me thinking about how exited I used to be on snowdays.  There was nothing better in the World back then… nothing.

Guess what, becauase I chose to “turned off the media” and ”turn on the hope”…

Because I chose Wholesaling when times were tight and everyone (including my Snicker eating wife) was telling me “Get a job like everyone else”…

Because I kept my eyes on the prize rather than other peoples opinions.

Tomorrows my snowday too.  No boss to call.  No explaining to do. Hell, I might just take the whole month off and become a “Candy bar mule”…

So I guess what I’m really saying is… When you’re finally ready to Drop the Zeros and join us heroes we’ll be waiting for you.


[Analysis Paralysis Rx] Offensive? Maybe… Helpful? Without A Doubt!

I only wish someone had given this gift to me…

The “Good life” didn’t require all those years of unnecessary suffering had someone just given me this to listen to

If your offended by foul language please don’t listen, I do value you as a reader and though you’ll never hear use the Lords name in vain… I do drop some 4 letter words when I get impassioned by something.

(and man oh man was I impassioned)

CLICK HERE or Click The CD To Claim Your FREE Mp3… No Pitches, Just ROCK SOLID Advice that will hep you kick A$$ in real estate

Killing 3 Bird With 1 Stone

Bird #1:  I’ve Got To Congratulate My Wife

I’ve got to congratulate my wife for a couple of reason’s….

#1 She had the insight way back when she was 12 to write in her diary that she would marry me someday.  Seriously, she did,  you think she’s a stalker too?

#1 She didn’t kill me DEAD early on in my “Investing” career... Anyone woman in their right mind would have bailed on me, Put it this way if failure would have been dollar bills I could have retired by 21.  Luckily me she stuck with me through the cold showers after our gas was shut off, nearly 100 Ramen Noodle Dinners and her summer of mowing lawns.

#3 She just won her first bodybuilding competition which is pretty cool as far as I’m concerned… This is footage I shot backstage with her and our son… He could care less that Mommy won the contest.  The cool part for him was that her trophy was a samurai sword.

Way to go there momma!

Bird #2 Here’s a pretty kicking resource

Here’s a super ninja trick I think you’ll dig… In fact it’s one of my most super ninja tricks that you can use to either get sellers to drop their price…

Or get buyers to pay far more for your contracts…

Or verbally tear apart any d-bag who gets under your skin including but not limited to your boss…

Click the link below to download

Bird #3   Here’s the deal with the Do This Get Money Shutdown

There’s really nothing to fancy going on.

I’m only  shutting it down to redo the sales page and marketing behind the product then I’ll get it back out shortly after that.

Unfortunately because of the nature of the offer I will be forced to remove the Property Panic Line even though so many of you have been using this as a lifeline to help keep you deals together, I still have to do away with it in order to continue the level of service that you deserve.

Here’s a sample of some of the most feedback that I’ll be adding to the page…

“I Have Done Close To 20 Deals To Date… I Feel Like I Am Learning Wholesaling All Over Again”

Or this one I just got last week…

“I have bought and sold over 100 properties and I feel like my knowledge was at the kindergarten level after studying your course”

I can’t tell you how awesome it is to make HUGE promises then DELIVER on those huge promises.  I’m not going to say It’s rare to see trainers deliver the goods as promised but… I think you know where I’m coming from.

PLEASE leave me a comment about whatever you’d like me to include in next weeks lesson and I’ll do my best to get to it.

When the Time is Right You Must Pull The Trigger

"I love this photo"

"I guess we aren't the only ones who LOVE deer"

With deer hunting season just around the corner I thought this would be appropriate.  Somewhat of a metaphoric story for those of you interested in learning to make money wholesaling.

Joe was positive this would be the year he finally slayed that swamp monster buck.   After all, Joe had been walking and talking about hunting his whole life.   His dad had taught him how to track deer, his uncle taught him how to build the best deer blinds known to man. This year Joe was finally going to do it, he would get his big buck, if it was the last thing he ever did.

Joe had just went out and bought the super guru 2000 rifle… the best gun on the market and from what he had heard from the super guru company this gun was supposed to do everything BUT gut the deer and throw it in the truck for you.  People had told him that this gun would practically shoot itself, man this was one heck of a gun.

It was opening morning of deer season and Joe was ready, boy oh boy Joe was ready. Joe barely slept a wink the night before just thinking about the big buck that he was gonna get. Joe packed up his stuff, grabbed the super guru 2000 rifle and headed off to his blind.

Joe arrived at his blind, and got everything in place. This was Joes day, the big buck would be his. Joe sat for about an hour when he noticed this giant rack coming up over the hill. This was the Buck to end all Bucks. Joe was quivering at the chance just to see a deer like this.

The buck approached, Joe peered through his scope, “Boy this is the one, this is the day” he quietly said to himself”. Joe slowly pulled the trigger and… Oh wait I forgot to tell you about Nate, he’s kind of important to this story.

Joes buddy Nate had never hunted a day in his life, when it came to hunting “Nate didnt know his butt from a whole in the ground”. Nate had spent alot of time shooting guns with his dad, but had never hunted. Nate decided since his buddy Joe was going hunting that he would too. So Nate asked his dad, who had killed 100?s of deer in his day, if he could take him hunting. Nates dad was more than happy to show him.

It was opening morning, Nates dad had set him a great spot where he had shot dozens of bucks. Out of the corner of his eye Nate saw a huge buck coming up over the ridge. Nate looked at the buck through his scope. “This is the one” he thought to himself as he slowly sqeezed the trigger. The rifle let out a huge boom, and not 10 minutes later Nate was proudly posing for a picture next to his prized buck.

Now, let’s get back to Joe………….Joe slowly pulled the trigger, but then he waited, pausing to see if a better shot would present itself.  Joe’s chance for that big buck came just as quickly as it went.

The buck was gone……………Joe had it all, the super guru 2000 rifle and the hunting skills of a puma. “How could I have failed” Joe thought to himself, it was then he realized that in all of his time getting ready for the hunt, nobody ever told him…

When the time is right… You MUST pull the trigger

Thats the funny part about guns, you can have the best gun in the world, but if you never pull the trigger, you’ll never get the deer.

Later Nate and Joe were talking about Nates huge buck and Joe said to him “Nate I thought you have never hunted before, how on earth did you shoot that big boy”

Nate replied “I never have hunted, but my dad has, I asked him where to go, then how to shoot, and then I just needed to pull the trigger.

Are you a Joe?  or Are you a Nate? Is life presenting you opportunities but your not pulling the trigger.

Back when I got started in wholesaling, I can remember having one of those Oprah “aha” moments.

My “aha’ moment came when I did my 3rd deal on a house that was just down the street from where I lived.  The aha didn’t come because I did the deal and made $16,000.

The “Aha” came because that EXACT same house was for sale just 3 months earlier when I was FLAT BROKE.  In other words the house was there 3 months ago, the buyer was there 3 months ago, the ONLY thing that wasn’t there 3 months ago was my being aware of how to wholesale.

On just that 1 deal, if I would have chose to ignore my the man who taught me about wholesaling, I may just as well have tossed $16,000 out the window.  It’s kind of scary when you think about it isn’t it?   How many opportunities are sitting under our nose’s right this second.  The pieces are in place, but you gotta know how they fit together.

Or as my mentor used to tell me “Eric there’s a high price to pay for being stupid”

My Dirty Little Secret For Assigning Foreclosures…

Frustrated by those snooty bankers turning up there noses at your assignable offers?

Sick and tired of getting the run around when it comes to wholesaling bank owned homes? If the answers yes, then this article will bring an immediate end to your suffering.

After spending the better part of the last decade wholesaling houses, if there’s one thing that frustrated me most, it was dealing with bank owned foreclosures. The problem is that no two banks share the same policies when it comes to assigning contracts.

Right now, both my students and myself have been experiencing almost flawless success using what I call a Pocket LLC’s. An LLC is a limited liability company and the reason LLC’s work so effectively is because they allow you to assign contracts right under your bankers nose and he’ll never know the difference.

Here’s how we use them. Basically, prior actively looking for homes you’ll need to get an LLC set up. Once you’ve got your LLC set up then it’s time to start looking at some foreclosures. Now under normal circumstance most banks won’t allow you to assign their contracts, but using this amazing method you can do just that.

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Rather than filling in the signature box with the typically “Your name and/or assignees”, you’ll simply add the name of your LLC. Then instead of assigning the contract, you’ll just need to sell your LLC. In either case you’re selling your position in the contract, but in latter you’re selling your LLC along with your position.

And, that’s the run down on how were “Beating the system” and earning record breaking wholesaling profits.

If you like high profit ideas like this one… then you’ll really enjoy the 22 hours of investing know-how I’ve packed into my Do This Get Money system… if it’s still available that is.