Is Analysis Paralysis Normal for Wholesaling?

Wholesaling Real Estate – Is “Analysis Paralysis” Normal?

Been getting “Getting ready to get ready” for way too long? Don’t sweat it, you’re not a freak… You’re human.

Because you and I are both humans, we crave certainty. In other words, we want to be certain of our outcome for any activity that we choose to engage in. That’s why Analysis Paralysis occurs, we get stuck ANALYZING under the false impression that further analysis will bring certainty of our future outcome.

The truth is there’s only one thing that you can be certain of…

You can be 100% certain that if you don’t…

Get up off your information and take action”

…you won’t make a penny wholesaling houses. I tell all my students let’s just learn enough to get started… Then Get Started!

He’s Drunk… And He’s Ready To Teach You Wholesaling

“The Lost Memoirs Of A Drunken Wholesaling Bandit”


Here’s the story behind the video: About 5 years ago I was a total newbie to this whole “Guru” thing.

Luckily I had one VERY major thing going for me and that was that I knew how to close deals (using no money) better than anyone I’d ever heard, seen, or listened to.

This is where it gets kinda weird.  My mind flat out REFUSED to let my mouth to speak the the lessons that I needed to share.

Somehow, just the mere presence of that little annoying microphone would send my brain into LOCKDOWN.  In fact every time I hit the record button to start teaching my “Wholesaling lessons” I would freeze up…

Stop DEAD.

My Mom told me it was stage fright.  Trouble is I wasn’t on the stage, I was holed up in the basement at my house.

So I did what any GOD FEARING guru would do.


I’d read somewhere that getting drunk might somehow lesson my bad case of stage fright.  So I sat down with a 5th of Vanilla Stoli and a 2 liter of Diet coke.

I guess I got carried away.  Because my wife came home to find me passed out cold with the recorder in hand.

The next day I hit the play button and…

Well, let’s just say I never released them for VERY GOOD reason.

Until now.

So if you’re NOT offended by 4 letters words…  and you won’t be offended by a drunken fool teaching you to wholesale… then grab a beer (or a soda) of you own, and enjoy the lunacy that entails.

Ask The Expert: How to Increase Your Investor to Buyers List Conversions

Student Question

Eric, I love your Do This Get Money System.  I have learned more about myself and wholesaling in the last 3 weeks than I could’ve figured out on my own in a lifetime.  Using your reverse prospecting tactics I’ve been able to track down somewhere around 40 different investors in my area to work with.  I’ve now made contact with about 1/3 of those investors, so far I’m only landing about 1 out of every 3 that I’ve been in contact with.  I’m wondering if you can make any recommendations as to what I could do differently to increase that number?  Is that number typical or below average for you students?  I would really appreciate any advice you could give me.

J. Potter


My Response

First off congats on taking such massive action.

It’s pretty amazing what happens when time tested tactics get into the hands of an investor, like yourself, who actually uses them.

As far as making any recommendations about what you should or shouldn’t tweak with your call script, that’s kind of a tough one as I have no way of knowing what you’ve been saying.

Have you been using the “Buyer Baffler” script that I provided inside the Do This Get Money system?  Have you just been winging it?

Here are some additional tips that my private clients have found extremely helpful:

—  Remember as a wholesaler your doing these investors a favor by giving them a chance to get their hands on the hottest deals in town.  I say this because you need to approach investors with the same mindset that you would if you were to approach a car collector with a way he could get a $200k Lamborghini for $100K.  One of the biggest mistakes I see wholesalers making is not approaching investors confidently.

–  If you’re not already using my “Buyer Baffler” script then please start using it.  I didn’t just make that thing to hear myself talk.

To answer your “Is landing 1/3 of investors a decent figure?”.  Yes it’s a great figure, especially considering that your just starting in this business.

With more experience and more deals under your belt you oughta be able to get that figure up to 1 out of every 2 investors that you talk to.

Keep in mind though, I made my first $100,000 with only 7 buyers, so by the sound of things once you’ve called on the rest of these investors you’ll have more than enough buyers to crank up the cashflow.

“Snowmeggedan”, Snickers, and Such

real_estate_wholesalingIt’s 12:30 A.M Wednesday morning, I just risked life and limb to get my pregnant wife a flipping Snickers bar in the middle of what many forecasters are now “Snowmeggedan”.

Before leaving the house I thought “Snowmeggedan” was just a another hyped up media ploy, like this “Are money’s gonna run out thing” they’ve been crying wolf about for the last 6 years now.

Turn out, the “Snowmeggedan” thing is the REAL DEAL.  Unlike “the sky if falling thing” they foolishly prod us with daily… Though I secretly do wish the IRS would start believing them and so they’d give me rest!

Even her beastly Toyota Mini-van was nearly overtaken by Snowmeggdan…

Why Am I Wrting This?

Well tommorow’s my kids first snowday EVER (he’s just 4) It got me thinking about how exited I used to be on snowdays.  There was nothing better in the World back then… nothing.

Guess what, becauase I chose to “turned off the media” and ”turn on the hope”…

Because I chose Wholesaling when times were tight and everyone (including my Snicker eating wife) was telling me “Get a job like everyone else”…

Because I kept my eyes on the prize rather than other peoples opinions.

Tomorrows my snowday too.  No boss to call.  No explaining to do. Hell, I might just take the whole month off and become a “Candy bar mule”…

So I guess what I’m really saying is… When you’re finally ready to Drop the Zeros and join us heroes we’ll be waiting for you.

Is Preston Ely A Scam? Plus, a Brand New Kick A$$ BONUS Video

Is Preston Ely Scam?   Here’s what you need to know…  At just $47 it’s pretty hard to go wrong considering how much money you’ll make once you start wholesaling properties.

I don’t say that to go all “Guru hype” on you either. See, I’ve spent the better part of the last decade buying, selling and wholesaling nearly $15,000,000 worth of property myself and during that time I’ve learned wholesaling is one of only a few ways that it’s really possible for ordinary people to get extra-ordinary income without cash, credit or risk.

And that’s precisely why until this coming Wednesday at 12 pm EST, I’ve decided to giveaway the farm to anyone whose quick enough to buy Preston’s Course from the special link I’ve got set up below.

Of course, I’m not just “Giving away the farm” because I”m like Mother Theresa or anything like that.  Don’t get the wrong idea.  I’ve got my own interests best interests in mind too!   Hey at least I’m upfront and honest.

See, I’ve worked out a pretty cool deal with Preston so that until this coming Wednesday at 12 PM EST, Preston will “Share the love (profit)”  with me from any sales that are generated from customers who use the link you see below.

In other words, you’ll still be getting all the same stuff, from the same person, from the same website that everyone else buys from….

EXCEPT:  You’ll also get all the stuff you see listed below…

Preston Ely Scam Or Score Bonus Link

**Once you’ve ordered just  email your receipt number at and I’ll get you your bonus.

Get My Personal Buyers Script Here

In the first lesson I shared my HUD Hound Method.  A method that cut’s to the chase, eliminating the disconnect between your actions and your results.   The importance of my HUD Hound method is 2 fold.

#1 No more throwing money out the window on wasted advertising, no more nightmarish door knocking, and no more lost dreams on your road to financial freedom

#2 By eliminating the disconnect between actions taken and results obtained, I’ve spared you a tremendous amount of frustration that often accompanies getting started as a real estate investor.

If you’ve ever tried investing in the past only to give up because of analysis paralysis then you’ll understand precisely what I mean.

In this report I’m going to tell you absolutely everything you’ll need to say to your new list of buyers that you’ve garnered using my HUD hound method.

Click Here To Download Your Copy

You’re in for a real treat with this.  This is the EXACT same buyers script that I’ve used in buying and selling over $15,000,000 in real estate.  I’ve tested, tested then tested again to come up with this kick a$$ script I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s what’s interesting.  I don’t care whether you’ve wasted $5,000 on another wholesaling system… It won’t include the hardcore detailed advice that you’re getting from me for FREE!

1 Angry 'Guru'

So this dude emails this to me today!


Hey! ! !!!!!!!   ! ! !   Don’t send me any more CRAP like this.

I’m a business person and I DON’T APPRECIATE this “CHEAP” CRAP.

Now…….If you’ve got some “IMPORTANT” business “INFORMATION” to give to us…………..then…………great….but NOT this CRAP.


Relax Mr. Business Man ;-(

Would it tickle you fancy if I just kept sending you sales messages like every other d-bag guru with an agenda.

If you don’t like my emails then don’t open them. But there’s loads of other people who want more than just the typical…

“Please buy my $hit, it’s the best crap you’ll ever buy”

When people join my email list I treat them like family.  Like their part of my inner circle.  Even if they don’t buy my stuff… I’m here to help people who want to “Get Money” -”Get Money”

Sure it would be far more profitable if I had been cramming sales messages down your throat last night like every other guru… But it’s not my style.

If you don’t want to be part of our team… then don’t let the door hit you in the a$$.

I don’t say this to be mean, critical, or angry. I say this because if you don’t like my stuff… then go away!

Seriously I didn’t ask you to be here…

You’re here because evidently like over 14,000 other people you have seen that even my FREE Advice is better than advice you’ll get on some flimsy guru home study system.

Am I off the wall… YES

Am I a loose cannon… YES

Could I make far more money If I wanted to kiss a$$… YES

If you get one thing from this letter here’s what I would like it to be this

I’m in this business for 1 reason and 1 reason only… because this business needs someone who focuses more on wholesaling and less on the hype…

Case in point… Here’s 3 emails I received JUST SINCE YESTERDAY


Please complete the charge for this program…I want to get my game up now…!!

I would like to get the Modules now rather than wait 45 more days or whatever on the 90 day plan.  This is really great stuff. I have bought and sold over 100 properties and I feel like my knowledge was at the kindergarten level after studying your course and I am only at Module #3. By the way, after 7+ years of wholesaling, I just got my real estate license and am anxious to use this info on that side as well.

David S
Hey Eric,

I just wanted to say thanks for our conversation we had this week.

I just posted something about this on your blog, but I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you taking time to give me a call back.

Most other “gurus” probably wouldn’t have taken that call. You go above and beyond and you have some great stuff.

I have been working on your “Do This Get Money” and now I am more pumped to get through it.

The material is great and just being part of your circle has already saved me money from a deal that could have blown up in my face. Thanks for your advice, it ultimately made me walk away from a deal that I probably should not have been making this early in my career anyway. So thanks.

I guess all real estate agents aren’t quacks.

Anyway, keep up the good work, your material rocks, thanks for your awesome response time and I am sure I will be, hopefully, talking to you again soon.
Hi Eric,
I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank you for your continoues gift giving, you are indeed blessed.

Please enlighten me with regards to which of your products best suits my needs.

Due to cash constraints I have not been able to purchase any of your products but I have received your gifts and am putting them to practice “WOW”. I am not able to spare $297 right now, but am able to joyfully part with $100 and so my dailema is do I get the first product ($97) or should I wait to get the second product.

What I really am looking to perfect are your techniques for finding buyers, ie reverse mls, hud hound-lov this one, buyer multiplier & realtor reach around. which package contains all. Does this request sound greedy?  well your fault you serve them to hot, Goooooooood.

Thank you sir.

PS, You are the first in this industry to to bless your prospective clients, thx for that.

In return, I give you favor, victory and the peace that passeth all understanding.

Your best is yet to come, you are indeed a blessing. God Bless.


I get tears in my eyes just reading that stuff… So dude between you and I.  I went ahead and unsubscribed you so we won’t have this problem again.

With the utmost respect,

Eric Medemar

While Most Guru's Do Webinars… I'm Painting My Wife Orange… The Agony of Being a Man.

While every other guru in America is putting on some fancy webinar for Karen and DC’s launch (Though I do like the product… I’m so sick of seeing it I could vomit)

It’s a really good thing I still make my fortune in real estate because while their doing webinars…

I’ve been stuck in my kitchen.  With some buck naked woman (my wife)… Painting her orange with a “1″ sponge brush for her first body building show.

Things got even more interesting about 1/2 way through when our 4 year old came strolling down the stairs asking questions… I wish I had a camera to capture the look of astonishment on his face.

Whoopsi Didn’t Think You’d Notice.

Lastly, I did kind of a dummy move that a few of you noticed… I pulled down the Property panic line without warning any of you that I would be doing so.  Seriously I didn’t think anyone would notice plus, I didn’t want to raise of fuss about pulling it down and having it come off as some fancy ‘guru’ scarcity tactic.

That being said.  It’s NOT on the page anymore.  However if you email me at and let me know still sometime tomorrow I’ll let you in.

If you’re wondering what my property panic line is… It’s basically a nearly mistake proof insurance policy where I’ll send you a special number where you can get access to me within minutes if you start “Freaking out or panicking” while doing  a deal.  Because I can tell you this…  if your new to the business and haven’t done at least 50 deals.  It’s not a matter of WILL YOU FREAK OUT… It’s a matter of when.

Anyway, just be sure to send me an email if it’s something that you did want to be part of and missed.


The Guru Grinder Rip Off Redemption Guarantee

Because were often discussing some pretty heavy duty and very expensive stuff within the confines of this website, I feel it’s important that you know… I don’t take my responsibilities as being your trusted adviser lightly.

In fact, I take this position of trusted adviser soooooo seriously that when you purchase ANY of our recommended products through our special tracking links you will have my full backing and access to all of my resources in the unlikely event that one of the guru’s that we recommend would try to screw you over somehow.

To date, only 3 of you have had to take me up on this offer.   But as promised, I ate them alive and in all 3 cases the money was returned within just days of our SCARE the $hit of them requests.

Why am I willing to stick my neck out for you?  Because I love nothing more than scaring them $hitless… Is that so wrong?