Is Analysis Paralysis Normal for Wholesaling?

Wholesaling Real Estate – Is “Analysis Paralysis” Normal?

Been getting “Getting ready to get ready” for way too long? Don’t sweat it, you’re not a freak… You’re human.

Because you and I are both humans, we crave certainty. In other words, we want to be certain of our outcome for any activity that we choose to engage in. That’s why Analysis Paralysis occurs, we get stuck ANALYZING under the false impression that further analysis will bring certainty of our future outcome.

The truth is there’s only one thing that you can be certain of…

You can be 100% certain that if you don’t…

Get up off your information and take action”

…you won’t make a penny wholesaling houses. I tell all my students let’s just learn enough to get started… Then Get Started!

Another Wholesaling Success Story

Every time I get a letter like this one, I’m reminded of why I’ve come to love this business of helping folks (from all walks of life) earn their own fortunes wholesaling houses

It’s stories like Loretta’s whisk me back in time (about a decade) to my early days…

Now what I’m about to tell you might sound kind of strange… especially coming from a guy whose spent the better part of a decade, teaching thousands of students (from as far away as Singapore) how to earn their own fortunes real estate wholesaling, but the real truth is, wholesaling wasn’t even my first choice of investing strategies.

Nope, as I quickly discovered, when you’re as flat broke as I was… and as scared $hitless of risk as I was… wholesaling was NOT my first choice. Nope, whether I liked it or not…

Real Estate Wholesaling Was My ONLY Choice

… and that’s precisely why even after earning my own fortune wholesaling, I decided to teach it as well.  There’s just no other investing tactic that levels the field like wholesaling does and the proofs in the pudding when you read letters like this one…

Wholesaling real esate Lorretta

When you’re ready to start seeing results like Loretta’s in your own life… or if you hunger for an accelerated (and headache free) path to wealth, I’d be happy to help you too.

In fact, at the time of this post, I’ve still got 2 spots remaining to take advantage of my Property Panic Line.  To learn more visit


Wholesaling Houses Expert Eric Medemar

He’s Drunk… And He’s Ready To Teach You Wholesaling

“The Lost Memoirs Of A Drunken Wholesaling Bandit”


Here’s the story behind the video: About 5 years ago I was a total newbie to this whole “Guru” thing.

Luckily I had one VERY major thing going for me and that was that I knew how to close deals (using no money) better than anyone I’d ever heard, seen, or listened to.

This is where it gets kinda weird.  My mind flat out REFUSED to let my mouth to speak the the lessons that I needed to share.

Somehow, just the mere presence of that little annoying microphone would send my brain into LOCKDOWN.  In fact every time I hit the record button to start teaching my “Wholesaling lessons” I would freeze up…

Stop DEAD.

My Mom told me it was stage fright.  Trouble is I wasn’t on the stage, I was holed up in the basement at my house.

So I did what any GOD FEARING guru would do.


I’d read somewhere that getting drunk might somehow lesson my bad case of stage fright.  So I sat down with a 5th of Vanilla Stoli and a 2 liter of Diet coke.

I guess I got carried away.  Because my wife came home to find me passed out cold with the recorder in hand.

The next day I hit the play button and…

Well, let’s just say I never released them for VERY GOOD reason.

Until now.

So if you’re NOT offended by 4 letters words…  and you won’t be offended by a drunken fool teaching you to wholesale… then grab a beer (or a soda) of you own, and enjoy the lunacy that entails.

Wholesaling Real Estate… Bin Laden Wants to Help!

real estate wholesaling with OsamaEric Medemar here,

A few weeks ago I decided to celebrate the finale of the Hunt for Bin Laden in my own special way… by playing hooky from real estate wholesaling stuff so I can just hang out with my grumpy, hungry and often angry pregnant wife and my “Growing up way to fast” 5 year old.

Just for the record, hooky is drastically more fun as a grown-up than it was in elementary school. To some of you this may sound strange… and hell, I am pretty strange. But, over the past 8 years or so, I’ve discovered it’s things like playing hooky on a moments notice… without having to call in sick… that have proven far more rewarding than all the fun toys, vacations, and money real estate has brought me.

Even though I could go on and on about all the fun I’ve had playing hooky, that’s really not what I’m here to talk to you about (Real Quick Hooky Tip: if you’re a dad or angry woman and you’ve got boy’s or even girls who like to fight… YOU MUST… run to Walmart and buy the Nerf Battle Axe and Samurai sword… you might also wanna buy a jock strap too)

Onward, Eric!

By a show of hands, how many of you reading this right now are 100% confident that terrorism will now come to a screeching halt now that we’ve sent Bin Laden to swim with the fishes?

It’s really not much to ask, is it?

After all we’ve spent the better part of the last decade chasing this dude around the desert, there had to be a point right?

So what’s this got to do with wholesaling? What’s this got to do with you? Would you believe me if I told you it’s got EVERYTHING to do with wholesaling and everything to do with YOU?

Here’s how: I don’t know about you, but looking back, I’ve had plenty of Bin Laden’s in my life. No Bin Laden’s not a distant relative or anything (though I was a bit suspicious of Uncle Joe), by “Bin Laden’s” I mean to say, imaginary ties between people, events or circumstances and my desired outcomes.

For example…

(Desired Outcome) The U.S want’s to end terrorism ? (foolsih action) We hunt the supposed king of terrorism in the desert for 10 years ? (likely outcome) A new probably crazier Bin Laden steps into power and keeps “Terroring” (My own word).

(Desired Outcome) Make a ton of money in real estate ? (typical action) wait till the market straightens because then it will be SAFE and EASY to get rich ? (likely outcome) Years will pass, the market will get better and you’ll find a new Bin Laden to chase around rather than just closing some damn deals.

Can you spot the distinction? Hunting Bin Laden and ending terrorism are not mutually exclusive events… just as waiting for the “perfect real estate market” and you getting rich are not mutually exclusive events. One CAN happen without the other. Or as the always clever Dr. Phil might say “Son, you’re barking up the wrong tree”.

I’m not saying, “If you wanna get rich, you gotta start investing today”… What I am saying is “If you wanna get rich you gotta get real” (wow, that also sounded remarkably like a Dr. Philism)

You’ll never discover the right solutions by chasing the wrong problems”, that’s exactly what I tell my private clients. Except they happily fork over $10k/yr to hear me say it… and now your getting it free.

In other words, if you’re not making a fortune in real estate right now, it’s not the “Markets fault”, it’s your fault for not learning the skills required to close deals in this market. It’s just that simple.

Crazy isn’t it? How simple things get once you get honest with yourself.

And now I’m honestly sick of typing and ready to resume playing hooky.

Eric Medemar

CEO The Unemployed Investor Inc.

P.S. Seriously this whole honesty thing will work miracles in every area of your life… So get over yourself, get honest, get happy, get healthy then get wealthy… and do it all wholesaling real estate if you want


Eric Medemar Wholesaling Houses, Cute Goats and Fishing Boats

Don’t get me wrong, I chose wholesaling because I desperately needed to  generate fast cash. I take that back I didn’t choose wholesaling, wholesaling was my only option. However, as time has passed I’ve come to realize that there’s more to wholesaling than making a fast buck or two.

Some would say I’m only rationalizing to make myself feel better about making such easy money. However I’d politely like to disagree, because as I look back over the past 6 years I’ve helped a hell of a lot of people…

I’ve had sellers break down crying after finally getting their home sold… I even had one offer to lend me their aluminum fishing boat for the summer. Dont’ ask what happened with that.

Unfortunately much of the joy I’ve shared with my buyers (investors) has been over drinks at the local watering hole and for some strange reason I can’t seem to recall much beyond “Bartender get this guy another shot”…

Sure I’m thankful those pictures with “Sally the worlds hottest goat” and I never made it online. It likely would have spelled the end of me ;-) but I’m equally as thankful for having cranked up my KARMIC CASH.

I guess what I’m saying here is, if money isn’t enough to get you off your a$$ then perhaps you’ll do it for Karmic Cash…

If there’s one thing I really look forward to seeing you realize it’s how after the first $100,000 or so, money just becomes a scorecard that let’s you know how many people you’ve helped.

Till next time

Eric Medemar