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real estate wholesaling expert Eric Medemar

Hey there,

Eric Medemar here, I’m the rather homely one you see in that picture above.

Anyway, I started wholesaling real estate back around 2003 or so and I liked it (by “It” I mean the money and the freedom) that I decided to start helping other people to duplicate the incredible results I was getting.

I never intended to be some sort of fancy guru or anything… basically I’m just dude who happens to know how to make a ton of money wholesaling.  And since I’ve already done it for myself and countless others, maybe one day I can help you too!

Either way, I appreciate that you’re here and pray that what you find on the pages of my blog will help you in one way or another.



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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I like your sense of humor, Eric. I am looking at getting into wholesaling due to the fact that as the owner of 20 rental units my phone is ringing way too much with tenant problems given that I have a full-time job. In July,I am leaving my “regular” job so I will have time to start wholesaling deals and will be able to handle my rental properties on a little more leisurely basis.

  2. Please send me more information on Wholesaling, I’m looking to start here in SE Michigan. Thanks Eric!!

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