Wholesaling Strategies: How To Pull Buyers From REI Meetings?

REI Meeting Secrets

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People ask me all the time about the best ways to build a buyers list and one of the things I always suggest is attending REI meetings and networking with other investors in your market.

REI Meetings are awesome for 2 reasons:

1.  When you need investors to buy your contracts, what better place to go than where other investors are?

2.  I’ve never attended an REI meeting where I didn’t pick up at least one good tip or technique I can use in my own wholesaling business.

That being said, I’ve put together a new mp3 where I explain some of the tricks and tactics that both myself and my wholesaling graduates are currently using to generate business from REI Meetings.

If you find this mp3 helpful then you’ll really like my Do This Get Money training because that’s where this was taken from it’s one of about 70 different wholesaling lessons you’ll find inside


Real Estate Wholesaling Lessons: Traditional Closing Timeline

I just finished putting this together for you… I hope you enjoy it.

If you’re new to investing, then closing deals can seem a bit overwhelming and that’s why I created this Closing Timeline Mindmap.

Use it as a reference to help guide you through any deals you’ve got going or deals you plan to do… all you need to do is click the button below and it will automatically begin downloading.

Have a great week and GO CLOSE SOME DEALS because there’s never been a better time than now.


Real Estate Closing Timeline


I’ve only got one really huge favor to ask if you decide to download this free mindmap…

YOU MUST AGREE to order every product I’ve ever created because they will absolutely help you transform your life… that’s it really.

Kidding ;-)

Seriously though, I don’t actually need any favors… I just need you to take this thing and CLOSE DEALS with it.  That’s it.   Since it’s not really entertaining to look at  MindMaps anyway… that’s pretty much all it’s good for. lol.






Pimples For Profits… Special Wholesaling Report

Eric Medemar here… Stick With me a minute I promise this has got some powerful lessons on real estate wholesaling

Growing up I was plagued with just about every skin related catastrophe you could imagine. Seriously I still wince every time I stumble across one of my high school photo’s.

To make a long story short throughout elementary school I had warts on top of warts over a good portion of my hands. Then in about 7th grade I finally got rid of the warts “Thank God” I thought to myself. Little did I know I had an even bigger challenge on the way… Pimples. If pimples were dollars I would have been a fricken millionaire. I could have skipped going broke, skipped mastering wholesaling. I’d be a pimple millionaire. That’s got a certain ring to it doesn’t it?

What do my skin issues have to do with making you money? Nothing really I just wanted to share that even guru’s get pimples… kidding ;-)

Okay, okay I promise I’ll tie this all together for you in a moment, but you gotta stick with me a second.

When I was growing up my Mom had 3 goals for me:

#1 She wanted me to be an avid reader. Unfortunately I graduated college and in all that time only read ONE BOOK. Kit Carson Pathfinder of the West. It wasn’t until my mid twenties that I started reading a book or two every week and it changed my life.

#2 She wanted me to wait to have sex until I was 18 and in love. Well, let’s just say I didn’t do to well in this category. I think I must have gotten “18 and in love” confused with “15 and horny”. I’m just being honest.

#3 She wanted me to have a high self esteem. Wow, did she do a good job with this one. In my humble opinion she knocked this one out of the ball park. Still today there’s a few folks that would tell you she did TOO GOOD at this one. Some people want you to give them a cookie for being great. I built my own cookie factory so I don’t need cookies from anyone… I’ve got plenty of my own.

I said all that to say this….

Nearly every kid I’ve known whose been through such skin monstrosities would have been an easy candidate for meeting my Mom’s second goal. Yep, in most kids lives pimples, warts and girls go together like food stamps, second hand clothes and a Rolls Royce. Just not happening.

Here’s How This Can Make You Money…

In the third grade I made a decision that still serves me today. I made a decision to ignore my weak points, disregard my deficiencies, and give a big “F’ You” to the downers in my life.

I basically made a decision that I was “The man”…

Any girl could be mine. Anything could be mine. The world would become my playground and nothing was going to change that.

Looking back I’ve gotta give myself a cookie.

Sorry to interrupt again, but can you see how wonderful this works? You may hate me, hate this, but because I make my own cookies I’ve always got them to give myself.

Anyway, the point of all this is what if today you decided…

Screw financial worries… Why not? Worrying has yet to pay a single one of my bills!

Screw the media hype… Why not? Put 10 dimes in a jar. Shake the jar. The money doesn’t leave the jar it just moves. Right now the money hasn’t up and left America it’s just moving to new hands. Why can’t those hands be yours.

Screw failure… Count of the number of times you’ve FAILED in the past 5 years. If you can’t count at least 50 then you’re doing something wrong and you need to get to work at failing more.

Screw fear... You’ve all heard the acronym “False Evidence Appearing Real” that’s B.S. Wanna know why fear really sucks? For most people fear is “F#ck Everything And Run”. It’s hard to do your best work when you running all the time.

It would be foolish for me to say “Now buy my stuff and start wholesaling if you want to do all this stuff”. Sure it would be correct. However it would be foolish because wholesaling is one of MANY options that you have if you’re looking to make a fast fortune.

That said. PLEASE I BEG you. Make the decision today to become the Author and Publisher of your own life story. Your circumstances don’t dictate your future, they are merely the results of your past thinking and your past decisions.

If you don’t like what you see in your life right now then isn’t it awesome to know you need only change your thinking and change your decisions. That’s it.

Yes it would be foolish to tell you wholesaling is your only way out because it’s not and it would be equally foolish to learn from anyone but me if you do decide to give wholesaling a try.

Warning there is a MASSIVE cookie truck here to drop a shipment off FOR ME. I hope you’ll trust me on this because I’ve bought my competitors products some of them were good if you were looking to spend $2,000 to learn ½ of what you’ll need to wholesale.

Others left me thinking “Wow I just spent $47 on a really poorly written work of fiction”…. Seriously if I want to read a fairytale I’ll buy a fricken Disney book.

Biggest Compliment…

I promise I’m going to try my best to keep this short, but I’ve just got to share one of my BIGGEST compliments I’ve received that came from someone who hadn’t even bought my product.

If you’ve seen my sales pages you know I’ve got loads of testimonials because there a MUST to cut through the clutter of “Guru hype” vs. Results. But this is one you’ll never see. It came when I was at one of my “Guru conferences”.

The comment came after a short conversation I had after being introduced to this Mr. X from an acquaintance. Mr X is another “Guru” who happens to be one of the largest wholesalers in his area (I can’t give the area or you’d know).

Anyway, I started sharing some of my secrets with him at the suggestion of our mutual acquaintance. At first he kind of looked at me “Puzzled”… it was like I dropped a “delayed timer mind bomb” on him. All of the sudden he grasped what I had just said and how much more money he could be making now that he knew just 1 of my secrets.

Yes I do share this secret inside my www.DoThisGetMoney.com System. Unfortunately it’s not in my Ultimate Wholesaling System because I didn’t discover it until 2 years after I authored it.

Anyway he looked at me shook his head and said…. Keep in mind this is a quote, I try not to talk like this but here’s what he said…

Holy $hit have you got a F#cking circus going on in your head… how did you think of that?”

I tell you that, ONLY to tell you this. If part of your dramatic life shift involves wholesaling please learn it from me you’d be foolish not to and I’m not kidding.

Get Bold. Get Help. Get Money!

Eric Medemar

P.S. Don’t get me wrong I really do appreciate the success stories and every other comment I’ve gotten in regards to my system. I think this one just stands out the most because it came from another trainer who by all accounts should NOT like me and the look on his face was just priceless

Nothing About Wholesaling Here… Just Good Advice

Since jumping into “Internet Marketing” 8 years ago I’ve probably spent close to $20,000 buying products from Frank Kern (he’s the long haired dude in the video) because the dude really knows his stuff when it comes to marketing.  He’s all about doing thing in a “Non-Dicky” way as he put’s it.

Anyway, regardless of whether your a wholesaler, an internet marketer or BOTH like me… this video is worth watching because it teaches folks like you and I “How to get out of our own way” and we all need that sometimes.


Real Estate Wholesaling Tips For 2012 and Beyond

People are always asking me how I continue to flourish even while things are supposedly “so bad”.  Here’s what I tell ‘em.

1.  Stop talking talking about  ”How bad things are”.  Just STOP, it makes no sense unless you can come up with some magic system that transforms complaints into cash.   Our money didn’t just vanish… it’s just changing hands and with a little hard work they could be your hands.


Try this experiment if you don’t believe me.

Step #1  Run to your kitchen.

Step #2  Grab a jar and put 10 dimes in it.

Step #3  Put the top on.

Step #4  Shake it.

Step #5  Now open the jar.

Step #6 Are the dimes still there?

Did you notice the dimes are still in the jar and all they did was move?  That’s what’s happening to our money right now.  It’s moving, so why not let some of it move into your pocket?

2. Adapt to the environment- Right now desperate sellers are a dime a dozen and that means once you know how to find buyers (trust me it’s easy) you can virtually write your own paycheck.

3. Money still loves action- Do me a favor….I promise it will just take a second. Go to your kitchen and grab a spoon.


Get your spoon

1. Take the spoon and set it in the middle of your dining room table…..

2. Now try to move the spoon by THINKING about moving it…

3. Give it 30 minutes…Think hard!

4. Now stand up and put the spoon back in the drawer.

You may have noticed….Unless your some sort of psychic freak….The spoon didn’t move when you tried to “THINK” it into moving.

I know for a fact you DIDN’T last 30 minutes trying to “THINK” the spoon into moving.

I bet you didn’t even try…..Why waste your time right?

So why in the heck are people trying to:

—”Think about wholesaling real estate

—”Think about getting a better job”

—”Think about being a better parent”

—”Think about being a better spouse”

—”Think about going to the gym”

You wouldn’t spend 10 seconds trying to “THINK” a spoon into moving….But you’ve wasted a lifetime “THINKING” about doing things that will change your life….

This was supposed to be a way longer list of tips… but quite honestly I’m already too annoyed to continue… PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE….STOP THINKING, START DOING……

The truth is wholesaling isn’t your only option, not by a long shot.

However, it’s the only option I know for getting fast cash when you’ve got none.  It’s was just the only way I could find to pull myself out of the poorhouse.

It’s not so important to me that you start wholesaling.  What is important to me, is to see you Get up off your “Thinking” and START DOING SOMETHIN…

Are you fat and unhealthy? Shut your mouth and go for a walk….It’s not rocket science.

Are you broke and ugly….Educate yourself and get some surgery…If you can’t afford to educate yourself then walk your ugly self to the library and read.

Are you unhappy at your job, so you’ve been a punk to your family…..Educate yourself…Get a job you like…..And pay attention to the only thing good in your life (YOUR FAMILY)

No…. none of these changes will happen overnight….But they sure as hell won’t happen by “THINKING” about doing them.

Sorry if this was harsh, rude, or made you sad…..It was written with the best intentions.


P.S I will continue this later…It was supposed to be much longer.

P.S.S  If you do plan to wholesale PLEASE go buy those over priced courses FIRST then when you get my stuff you can then fully appreciate how friggen awesome it is… think I’m kidding?  Try me.

Black Foolsday Sales… Seriously?

Here’s how I spent my Wednesday…

I’m only showing you this to help you understand why I was so perplexed when I  stumbled across this news story about how people starting lining up on Wednesday morning outside of Best Buy so they could get “A good deal on a Television Set” when the doors open up on Friday.

Maybe it’s just me, but this just seems wrong on SOOOOOO… many levels.

First off,  last time I checked… Thanksgiving is about spending time with loved ones while gorging yourself on Turkey (or Tofurkey if you’re one of THOSE people) until you can barely move..

Here’s what’s sick… Wanna know what these guy’s are eating?  The #1 food in the parking lot?

Domino’s and Monster Energy Drink.  Sure, these two items have been staples in my diet for quite some time, but come on… NOT on Thanksgiving.

Second off  (if that’s even a legitimate phrase)…

Unfortunately this explains everything.

Basically these guys are trading 2 ENTIRE DAYS of their lives just so they can save $400 on a TV Set.

I did the math and $400/48 hours is like $8.30 an hour. But here’s the thing… it’s NOT even real money.  Nobodies actually paying them.

At first I was thinking…


“What kind of IDIOT would do that”

…but right after asking that question the real irony of the situation started sinking in…

I’ll be honest, I spent much of my life earning far less than $8.33 an hour, but there’s a damn good reason I don’t anymore.

The REASON I don’t make $8.33/hr anymore is because one day I made the decision to STOP ACTING AS IF MY TIME was only worth $8.33/hr.  Since then the results have been amazing…

Hell, nowadays one little $16,000 wholesaling deal is EQUAL to making $8.00/hr for the year ($16,000/2000 hour average work year). And that’s just one stupid deal… anyone could do that in their sleep… even these Black Friday Wierdos.

Here’s what’s ironic…

What’s the NUMBER ONE activity poor people spend their time doing (that RICH PEOPLE do NOT)?


I believe it was the late Jim Rohn who said it best…

“Rich people have libraries, Poor people have TV’s”

Anyway… I just had to get that off my chest.

I could go on and on about this subject.  It’s just one those HOT BUTTONS, I guess.

I don’t mean to be arrogant and quote myself, but this seem’s to sum it up best…

“The day I became wealthy was the day I stopped looking for ways to SAVE MONEY… and started looking for ways to MAKE IT”.

May you and all your days be blessed,

signature for wholesaling expert Eric Medemar

Is Analysis Paralysis Normal for Wholesaling?

Wholesaling Real Estate – Is “Analysis Paralysis” Normal?

Been getting “Getting ready to get ready” for way too long? Don’t sweat it, you’re not a freak… You’re human.

Because you and I are both humans, we crave certainty. In other words, we want to be certain of our outcome for any activity that we choose to engage in. That’s why Analysis Paralysis occurs, we get stuck ANALYZING under the false impression that further analysis will bring certainty of our future outcome.

The truth is there’s only one thing that you can be certain of…

You can be 100% certain that if you don’t…

Get up off your information and take action”

…you won’t make a penny wholesaling houses. I tell all my students let’s just learn enough to get started… Then Get Started!

Another Wholesaling Success Story

Every time I get a letter like this one, I’m reminded of why I’ve come to love this business of helping folks (from all walks of life) earn their own fortunes wholesaling houses

It’s stories like Loretta’s whisk me back in time (about a decade) to my early days…

Now what I’m about to tell you might sound kind of strange… especially coming from a guy whose spent the better part of a decade, teaching thousands of students (from as far away as Singapore) how to earn their own fortunes real estate wholesaling, but the real truth is, wholesaling wasn’t even my first choice of investing strategies.

Nope, as I quickly discovered, when you’re as flat broke as I was… and as scared $hitless of risk as I was… wholesaling was NOT my first choice. Nope, whether I liked it or not…

Real Estate Wholesaling Was My ONLY Choice

… and that’s precisely why even after earning my own fortune wholesaling, I decided to teach it as well.  There’s just no other investing tactic that levels the field like wholesaling does and the proofs in the pudding when you read letters like this one…

Wholesaling real esate Lorretta

When you’re ready to start seeing results like Loretta’s in your own life… or if you hunger for an accelerated (and headache free) path to wealth, I’d be happy to help you too.

In fact, at the time of this post, I’ve still got 2 spots remaining to take advantage of my Property Panic Line.  To learn more visit www.DoThisGetMoney.com


Wholesaling Houses Expert Eric Medemar